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Marbella is generally recognised as Europe’s most desirable location for discerning international buyers seeking the very best in sunshine real estate.

However if you’ve been searching for a Marbella property, you will know that prices are getting higher and higher every day.
This where Luxury Villa Sales can really help you get the best deals possible.

We are also going to let you in on a little secret. We are going to tell you how really smart buyers like yourself are making HUGE SAVINGS just by capitalising on this ONE POWERFUL METHOD which can cut out 30-40% of your purchase cost.

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Well, the good news it’s that it’s not rocket science and it’s the reason why companies like Amazon are so successful in today’s market.

The answer to making huge savings is very simple…

…Cut out the middleman.

Let’s look at a conventional “New Build” Villa Purchase

The developer will finance the build with his or her own money, or more commonly, will use a financial institution or JV partner to provide the funds to buy the land and pay the constructor.

But guess what?

All of these people or institutions who provide the capital, need to get paid a return on their money.

Typically, a developer will not invest in a project unless he can make at least 30% profit over the 18-month build period.

That means that you the buyer will be paying a 30% premium on the cost of that beautiful newly built villa and possibly up to 40% in some cases.

So in simple terms you could end up paying between 1.3 and 1.4 million for a villa that you could actually purchase for just 1 million if you dealt directly with the constructor.

So what if you could eliminate the middleman and become the developer yourself?
With Luxury Villa Sales unique ‘ self-develop’ programme you can deal directly with the constructor and finance the build yourself, thus making huge savings.

All the work is done for you.

This may sound slightly daunting if you have never done it before, but the reality is that all the work is done for you because we take care of all the planning, licensing, build and finishing for you.

That’s because we have several “ready-to-go and fully-licenced” projects where all you need to do is choose from a simple menu of villa styles and layouts and then decide on which added options or furniture packages you would like to suit your personal taste and budget.

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